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Jotform: A WYSIWYG Form Generator

Sunday, I had an overwhelming need, nay, desire, to upgrade my suggestion section with an embeddable form. So I headed over to my dear friend FeedMyApp and poked around. Instantly, I found Jotform, a WYSIWYG form builder.

User registration was relatively quick and simple. And within a few clicks I had a form completed that I wanted to use. To be honest, the longest part of creating this form was figuring out what I wanted to call each field.

The source was easily embedded via an iframe (which I wasn't too keen on, would've rather it have been in a div, though divs lack the functionality that an iframe possesses- but severely I digress). In about 5 minutes I had a customized form embedded in a post using about 3 lines of HTML. All-in-all, I was impressed.

But such high functionality comes at a cost unfortunately- Jotform limits the number of entries your form can receive to 100 per month, unless you upgrade to a premium account (feature comparison). The price structure is nice, there's only two subscription types: free, and paid. Paid is $9 a month, and includes unlimited form submissions and a 1000mb from upload cap. At just over $100 per year, and it may seem a little high for those of you who can write a script to do this in about 15 minutes. But if you're using a free blogging system like Blogger, and don't want to spend the time (or don't know how) to reference remotely hosted form handling scripts, this is a godsend. For now, needless to say, I'm sticking with the free version. And quite frankly, I don't think my submissions per month will go over 100 for a little while, so I'll just have to wait and see. But I do wish there was a sliding scale for pricing, and I would probably pay $1 per month to have a 200 submission cap, and $2 per month for a 300 submission cap, etc...

I must say though, Jotform is really pretty powerful. I was astounded at the number of features that were easily dragged and dropped into my form. There's even six (yes, 6) different payment methods that you can put into a form. The PayPal module setup goes ridiculously quick and doesn't redirect you away from the Jotform site. Plus things like word verification are a huge bonus.

Check out the walkthrough for a feature overview:

Does the app fulfill its intended purpose?9
How clean and simplistic is the UI?8
Is the app forward thinking and innovative?7
How re-usable is the app?10

Though the interface seems a bit too tight and squeezed at times, this app really impressed me. I'd consider it next time you have to do a form with a tight turnaround and a lack of resources, Jotform could save your ass. It saved mine. Check out the live version of the form here and submit an app you'd like to see reviewed.


'Water' team said...

Please help!

I have tried to use jotform with blogger, but when i insert the code, the form shows up halfway down my post. Other than that it would be perfect.
I have contacted jotform and all they say is to remove the "br" tags around the pagebreak. I don't see a lot of br tags. Do you have any insight into this problem?